What. A. Surprise.

Once again I got surprised of how much prejudice was nested inside this little brain of mine.

I always thought that Bergamo was just a small, not so significant city in North Italy.

Well, shame on me.

The city is absolutely stunning: both Bergamo Bassa in which you can find nice cafes, impressive Liberty-style houses and much more. On the other hand, Bergamo Alta is absolutely beautiful. A pearl.

Santa Maria Maggiore and the Cappella Colleoni are places in which your eyes will be crying of joy. It was SO MUCH Beauty that I had to enter more the once: I couldn’t get enough of it.

At the same time, I was thinking of how much Beauty we have in this country. So beautiful and so much. Everytime I wonder how much time I would  actually need to discover all the possible lightful islands all around the world. :/
However, let me show you some pictures I took: they speak more than thousands words.


The music for Bergamo?

“Stelle Buone”  by Cristina Donà. 🙂

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