Are you a linguist who wants to learn Italian?

Do you dream of having holidays (or maybe moving in Italy) and being able to independently hold a conversation in Italian?

Do you want to learn Italian with a real Italian speaker?

What I offer (at very affordable prices) is:

1) Via Skype conversations (60 min.): to practise your speaking/listening skills. You should already be able to hold basic conversation in Italian. You will be able to master the right pronunciation, all the shades of vocabulary and all the fluency needed to sound completely Italian. You will learn the gestures,too! 😉

2) Via Skype structured lessons or Face-to-Face lessons (from beginners to advanced levels,30 or 60 min.): Even if you don’t understand a single word of Italian, we will start from the alphabet and we will go on following your rhythm! We will see in details the grammatical structures, the right pronunciation, idioms, cultural aspects and all the features that will make you gain a perfect command of the language.

Clearly, face-to-face lessons are available if and only if we are close to each other.

Italian is (of course) my mother tongue and during my academic career I have learnt how to teach a second/foreign (L2/LS) language; I know the proper strategies and  the right materials for every type of learner.
I have a B.A. in “Lettere Moderne” (i.e. the Italian equivalent of a B.A. in “Humanities and Arts“) and a M.A. in Linguistics and Cognitive Studies (both 110/110 cum laude) at the University of Siena.
I am fluent in French, English and Spanish so it won’t be difficult to understand each other using these languages.

For further information (e.g. time, prices, materials) or for particular questions, send me an email at:



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